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12 Jan 2023

Readen Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: RHCO) Announces New Merchant with Over 110 Retail Shops Joining Oke Partners Platform


READEN HOLDING CORPORATION (OTC PINK: RHCO), a Venture Capital Corporation which is active in the Fintech, Online Payment and E-commerce industries, today announced its Oke Partners platform has added a new merchant HFT with over 110 retail shops in Hong Kong.

Oke Partners platform (, which also includes OkeApp, is the unique discount referral platform fully owned by RHCO. The Company signed a Collaboration Agreement with Mezzofy (, a leading Digital Coupon Platform in Asia, back in September 2021. Through this collaboration, existing Mezzofy merchants of well-known brands will be joining Oke Partners platform seamlessly and providing discount coupons for Oke Partners members.

Recently, Hung Fook Tong (HFT, has been the latest merchant addition to Oke Partners platform. Established in 1986 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 2014, HFT is principally engaged in the production and sales of a variety of herbal and non-herbal products and has established itself as a top modern wellness concept food and beverage enterprise. HFT operates an extensive retail network comprising around 110 self-operated retail shops in Hong Kong, making it the top retailer of Chinese herbal products in town.

Richard Klitsie, CEO of RHCO stated, “We are so excited to gear up our collaboration with Mezzofy, as they have established a strong foothold in the Asian coupon market. HFT is a household name in the city, and we are so thrilled to have them on broad our Oke Partners platform. This is a very good development as more and more well-known brands from Mezzofy’s merchant base will be joining us very soon.”

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