Other Investments

Fullness Grace



RHCO acquired Fullness Grace International Limited in 2021. Fullness Grace is an Advertising and Public Relations company in Hong Kong. Established in 2007, it has been active in the outdoor display advertising and multimedia advertising sector. It has a contract with Tencent ( www.tencent.com ), through Shenzhen Terrena Technology Company, to promote smart cultural tourism and also a contract with China Railway ( www.china-railway.com.cn ) to sign up clients and assist them in advertising inside the China railway system.

Fullness Grace also has a 15% shareholding in Multimedia Vision Technology Limited, which has the rights to sell BOE displays for advertising. It also owns 60% of the shares in iW4 Cultural Industry Limited (also known as Mega Creative Limited), a production company that has recently produced the hit movie, "Paws-Men", about the saving of stray dogs and a sequel, which is currently under production.


Angelo Mermer


Angelo Mermer Madenclk Lmted Rket is Turkey's largest holder of marble reserves. It operates an onyx marble mine located in Manisa, Turkey. Its economically recoverable high-grade reserve amount to 1 million tons. Its total onyx reserve accounts for 5% of the world's total onyx reserves. Based on the valuation report of Baker Tilly (one of the largest valuation firms in the world) as of 31 March 2021, the investment value of Angelo Mermer was calculated at USD 1 billion.

After a 2021 real estate transaction with Angelo Mermer, RHCO is now holding about 5% of Angelo Mermer's total shares. RHCO also have the right to handle the sales and export of Angelo Mermer's raw onyx marble blocks into China. 


TNMD / HuanMedia


RHCO acquired 2.2 million shares of Tianrong Med Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: TNMD) in 2021 which equals to 0.5% of TNMD total shares. TNMD is a fully integrated technology company that provides turnkey technological solutions to the Chinese railway industry. It plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, advisory services, financial services and information technology. TNMD acquired HuanMedia in 2021, which is the largest railway Wi-Fi media platform in China, covering potentially 900 million passengers per year, ensuring 99% reliability.