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Neckermann Direct


RHCO took over a majority in Neckermann Benelux in 2016 and implemented a new strategy to rebuild Neckermann Direct as one of the most well know retail brands in Europe. Now Neckermann Direct is an online retail platform that targets Asian products to consumers in Europe and offers European brands to Asian consumers. The expansion of the promising Asian business, initially in the metropolis of Hong Kong with its millions of inhabitants, is increasingly targeted. All sought-after product groups such as electronic devices, clothing, jewelry and many more are represented on the platform.

With the focus also on Asian users, there is a market potential of several million possible customers. The former crown colony of Hong Kong has by far the highest super-rich density of any metropolis in the world and therefore offers a unique sales market for European branded products and branded clothing. Due to the international influences and the numerous cultures in the Chinese metropolis, it is possible to pay in the most common currencies when shopping online: US dollars, Hong Kong dollars or in euros.

Two Percent

Two Percent


RHCO acquired 2% WIP GROUP in 2019, which is a highly popular and well-established international fashion company whose fashion brands are some of the hottest brands in China and Europe. WIP HOMME, Boy London, ODF Clothing, 2 Percent and others are all well-known and highly respected fashion brands in Asia.

Additionally, RHCO obtained licensing rights in parts of Asia for the globally recognized MIFFY and of the popular brand Boy London. MIFFY currently has a retail earnings power of approximately $300 million annually and RHCO is excited to have secured the licensing rights to MIFFY in various parts of the Asian market.

RHCO has currently relaunched 2% into a global luxury online shop, with a collection of world-famous luxury brands in fashion, accessories, cosmetics and health products. It offers customers worldwide the best price and provides free shipping to anywhere in the world. 

Zen Trading

Zen Trading

Zen Trading is an established international fresh food trading company. It is based at Holland and has subsidiaries in Hong Kong and New Zealand. With a truly worldwide perspective, Zen Trading sources products in the main production areas of Europe, North & South America, and the Far East. It serves a worldwide network of more than 90 markets, providing main product such as poultry, pork, beef, fish, vegetables and dairy.

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