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Fintech / Payments



RHCO acquired OkePay in 2021. OkePay is a go-to solution for all online payment needs. A payment gateway solution that enables a merchant to accept all major payment methods that is supported by an easy integration process and active support team. Targeting the SME sector, client acquisition does not need to be industry specific. 

OkePay offers customized payment solutions with an individual approach for each customer. The services are fully customized to meet specific business requirements. Due to the online payment platform's rapidly growing customer base, OkePay is one of the fastest growing payment solutions in the world. OkePay allows global payment providers to join a network to provide their payment services to users of the network. Transactions can be processed in over 150 currencies. The focus here is also on building close business relationships.

OkePay works with a number of network partners around the world that provide cash services, electronic wallets, debit and credit card issuance, bank transfers, balance management, and other locally preferred forms of payments. OkePay provides the technology to enable payments, including the platform that connects users with network partners so that users can access the following services, among others:

  • Transfer of funds to other parties for the purchase of goods and services

  • Collecting payments for goods and services

  • Transfer or disburse funds between natural or legal persons

  • Verify user identity and compliance status

  • Monitor transactions, users and devices for fraudulent behavior

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RHCO developed READIES, from expert experience within our team, in the voucher sector. Launched in 2021, READIES is an online payment method that allows people to pay anonymously online in around 50 countries. Thousands of online prepaid payments are made through the READIES network every day. READIES allows users to pay for goods and services easily, securely and anonymously. READIES is the perfect online payment solution for those who value data security, want to keep track of their spending, or simply do not have a bank account or credit card. READIES e-voucher is aimed at consumers who want to protect their privacy and security when trading online, gambling, gaming or in the entertainment industry. READIES eVouchers are available in over 10,000 stores in 50 countries in multiple currencies, with the list of retailers growing every day.

READIES has signed agreements to become online distributor for multiple digital services. Its online platform will be offering more than 200 prepaid gift cards for sale, which include some most popular service providers in various sectors, including Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, ebay, Spotify, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Roblox, Steam, Steam, H&M, Walmart, Adidas, Nike, and many more. The READIES platform will evolve into a one stop shop for all digital payments.

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RHCO's own developed OkeApp is a completely unique solution for consumers and merchants, both of whom are facing difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as consumers receive attractive discounts through OkeApp, participating merchants incur no direct payment fees. Merchants benefit from above- and below-the-line marketing campaigns provided by the OkeApp. In addition, OkePartners who help recruit consumers receive cash rewards for all transactions those consumers make with participating merchants through the OkeApp.

OkeApp's methodology is completely revolutionary and groundbreaking in its unique preparation that benefits both merchants and consumers. The new addition and implementation of OkeApp adds another dimension to OkePay. As OkeApp now brings consumers and merchants together on one discount platform, OkePay as the payment platform provider, accepts the consumer's payment and then pays the merchants, minus the discount.

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