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Check out these videos regarding different activities of RHCO and its subsidiaries. 

Disclaimer: The videos posted are for reference only. The information contained in these videos posted represents the views and opinions of the original creators of such video content and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of RHCO.


29 November 2022

(OTC: $RHCO) Readen Holding Corporation Onboard To The Rise of Fintech


Stock Monkey took an inside look in RHCO and had some good comments on the Comapny.

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21 Nov 2022

Okey Media: World Top DJ Live Teaser


Okey Media has the rights to broadcasting 200+ top notch DJ concerts & events. Feel the heat in this teaser video.

3 Oct 2022

Readen Holding (OTC:RHCO) Dives in the Marble Industry


YouTube channel First Phase Media interviewed RHCO CEO Richard Klitsie and discussed the company's current exciting development.

29 Sep 2022

Readen Holding Corp - (OTCPK:RHCO) 


YouTube channel RICH TV LIVE discovered RHCO in OTC Markets.

21 Sep 2022

FinTech Stocks to Watch $RHCO 🇺🇸 OTC


YouTube channel Business Financial Network talked about RHCO in depth.

4 Aug 2022

Oke Travel Club Teaser

18 Jul 2022

How to Become an OkeMember?


An introduction video on how to become OkeMember on our Oke Partners platform using OkeApp. (Cantonese narration only, with English subtitles.)

27 May 2022

I added these 3 penny stocks today! Low float explosion?


YouTube channel Chase Mac Trades explored RHCO and other potential runners.

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