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  • With Telecommunication companies and subsidaries in Europe and Asia, the Readen name has been respected for over 30 years for its coherence to strong value and business ethics.

  • Offering online music (downloads and streaming) through our telecom subsidiaries, turned out to be a perfect match. Content is delivered by our own music label and carefully selected partners.

  • The increasing demand for bandwidth in Europe, gives us a head start with Nedfiber. Our glassfiber company. Delivering glassfiber to the door in business areas.

  • With the brands Altembrouck and Vitalon, the food and beverage market finds within Readen Holding Corp a company with strang value and business ethics.

  • With a strong footprint in the Asian market, the trading the division of Readen Holding Corp can almost deliver anything, anywhere at anytime.

  • D5 Metal is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stable isotopes, deuterated solvents and high purity materials for medical and chemical research.

  • Readen Real Estate is gradually building a strong portfolio of real property. Château Altembrouck is a 18th century castle. Nowadays it is a truly multifunctional estate.

Readen Holding Corp.

Investor, venture capital organisation and shareholder of companies operating in different industries. Readen Holding Corp has access to an extensive, influential and loyal network of business relations and investors

With companies and subsidiaries in Europe and Asia the Readen name has been respected for over 30 years for its coherence to strong value and business ethics. We have over 30 years of solid trading and manufacturing experience

Creating Value Is     Our    Task


  • Readen Asia

    Readen Industries Asia Ltd.


    Readen Industries Asia consist of 2 divisions; The first division is the R&D, product development, designing and innovation office is responsible for the purchase and production-planning and all the communication with the hardware and application developers. The second division is responsible for the purchase and distribution of plastics used for the recycling industry in Asia.
  • Readen Asia

    Readen Invest Ltd.


    Readen is the venture capitalist of the organization.

  • Readen Asia

    Readen Maritime Ltd.


    Ship management and supplier.

  • Readen Asia

    Readen Real Estate


    Readen Real Estate B.V. is the real estate holding for our group, currently owner of Hotel and Estate Altembrouck in Belgium. Readen Real Estate B.V. is planning to acquire real estate properties which are in synergy with and add value to the total of the Business of Readen Holding Corp. and its subsidiaries.
  • portofolio-altembrouck

    Altembrouck F&B bvba 


    Hidden among the woods and hills of the Belgian border region, Château Altembrouck is an oasis of natural peace, with the historic atmosphere and style associated with a 18th century castle.
    And just a few minutes away from Maastricht, Aachen and Liege. Altembrouck nowadays is a truly multifunctional estate.
    The innovative agricultural developments are an inspiring background that makes the castle a unique location for brainstorming sessions, seminars, receptions and parties.

    Visit website

  • portofolio-altembrouck

    Altembrouck Agri bvba


    Altembrouck Agri is the home of Altembrouck Wagyu, House of Mangalica and Altembrouck Kirohitsu. In 1996, first steps were taken to establish a European herd of Wagyu cattle, complete with their own pedigree and label (Châteaux Wagyu), since then it has been expanded to Mangalica and Kirohitsu as well.

    Click to go to Wagyu website

  • NedFiber

    Nedfiber BV


    Nedfiber works on unlocking business areas for glassfiber networks (Fiber to the Business). These glassfiber networks with high bandwidth offer the businesses access to all kinds of services. Nedfiber offers these glassfiber networks on an open bases, for active operators and service providers.
  • Yoho Telecom Ltd.


    Yoho Telecom is responsible for sales and marketing of all labels prepaid vouchers and simcards as well as the physical and electronic distribution via the terminals. Labels like Lyca, Lebara, KPN, Vodafone, T-mobile and many more brands to major retailers and distributors.
  • skyglobalsim

    Sky Global BV


    Sky Global Sim is a prepaid international SIM card that will significantly reduce your mobile phone charges when travelling abroad. When you move between countries, Sky Global Sim will move seamlessly with you, picking up a new network as soon as you arrive in a new destination, enabling you to make cheap calls.

    Click here to get to the website of SkyGlobal.

  • ON-Mix Music


    ON-Mix Music is a netlabel. For more information on netlabels click here. ON-Mix Music operates in the same way a classical record label does with only one difference: it’s all digital! We do not offer recordings on physical media such as CDs, vinyl or cassettes. All material is available online only, distributed as MP3 files. All of our recordings are hosted by the Internet Archive, Mininova,, CreateSpace and Legaldownload.

    Click here to get to the website of ON-Mix Music.

  • Readen BV


    Our non-dairy trading company. Buyer for large retail companies.
  • Vitalon Holland BV


    Within the ever growing market of milk powder products Vitalon Holland is responsible for production and distribution of a wide range of infant milk formulas to meet babies nutritional needs. Vitalon has a distribution network which provides the products from offices in Holland and Hong Kong.

    Click here to go to the website of Vitalon

  • D5 Metal


    Formerly GRS Capital D5 Metal is a subsidiary of Readen Holding Corp.,  is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stable isotopes, deuterated solvents and high purity materials for medical and chemical research.

    Click here to go to the website of D5 Metal

  • Readen Istanbul


    Readen Istanbul is a sales office for the Turkish market.

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