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2 Dec 2021

Readen Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: RHCO) Announce World Record Diamond Museum as Newest OkeApp Merchant


READEN HOLDING CORPORATION (OTC PINK: RHCO), a Venture Capital Corporation which is active in the Fintech, Online Payment and E-commerce industries, today announced that its newly launched OkeApp has signed up Coronet Amazing Museum in Hong Kong as new merchant.

Coronet Amazing Museum ( ) is the worlds first diamond and jewelry theme museum, founded by the famous Aaron Shum Jewelry Group ( ). It was established in 2019 as a private museum, and has been opened to public since June 2020. It homes a record-breaking collection of 10 Guinness World Record diamond art pieces, such as an HKD 16 million diamond guitar, and a diamond toilet decorated with 43,000 diamonds. Even during Covid-19 the Museum has been a popular attraction for locals, and it targets to be a tourist favorite as Mainland China travelers are expected to be allowed to Hong Kong soon.

As an OkeApp merchant, Coronet Amazing Museum is offering special ticket discount to all OkeApp members. OkeApp is RHCO's newly launched discount referral app ( As Members of OkeApp, customers can receive a special discount code through the app and claim the discount at OkeApp merchants, both retail stores and online shops. Since OkeApp will be working closely with strategic partners like Ctrip, its merchants will get massive exposure in China and Asian markets instantly.

Richard Klitsie, CEO of RHCO stated, "We are very grateful to sign up special merchants like Coronet Amazing Museum. And we will continue to sign up more merchants on a weekly basis. We are confident that all merchants and members will be largely benefited from OkeApp, and it will become the most popular discount app globally in the near future."

The latest version of OkeApp is available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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