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3 Aug 2022

Readen Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: RHCO) Announces New Plan to Launch Oke Travel Club


READEN HOLDING CORPORATION (OTC PINK: RHCO), a Venture Capital Corporation which is active in the Fintech, Online Payment and E-commerce industries, today announced a new development of OkeApp (, the unique discount referral app fully owned by RHCO which was under beta testing for the past 90 days and will be fully launched by the end of this month. OkeApp will launch a travel membership program: Oke Travel Club.

Oke Travel Club is a worldwide selection of travel-related services and products designed to offer OkeApp members significant price reductions on all of their travel needs globally. RHCO has recently signed a partnership agreement with one of the largest travel services and products wholesaler in the United States. With this collaboration, Oke Travel Club will offer discounts up to 50% off for hotels, resorts, theme parks, cruises, air tickets, car rentals, as well as retail shops, dining and entertainment all over the world to OkeApp members. The membership program will provide a selection of 1 million+ locations of hotel and resorts, 205,000+ retail shops, 60,000+ restaurants, 45,000+ car rentals, 500+ airlines and 50+ major cruise lines. The selection includes some of the world’s best brands, such as Avis in car rentals, Costco in retails, Domino’s in Food, Foot Locker in sports goods, Red Lobster’s in restaurants, Walt Disney World in theme parks, Royal Caribbean in cruise lines, etc.

All OkeApp members can access Oke Travel Club through OkeApp, making travel selections, bookings and claiming the discount offers all in one app. The addition of Oke Travel Club to OkeApp will make it a must-have app / membership for consumers and travelers all over the world. RHCO expects the growth of OkeApp will be strongly stimulated by Oke Travel Club, and it targets to build OkeApp and Oke Travel Club into the largest discount club globally.

The launch of Oke Travel Club is also in synergy with RHCO’s comprehensive back-end Online Payment platform OkePay ( Oke Travel Club will further optimize the utilization of OkePay, which handles all the payments of OkeApp. It accepts standard credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, UnionPay, along with Alipay, WeChat Pay and other mobile wallets and e-vouchers.

RHCO expects to officially launch OkeApp and Oke Travel Club by the end of this month. Major upgrade will be added to OkeApp to facilitate the accessibility to Oke Travel Club, and currently the web site is under construction.

Richard Klitsie, CEO of RHCO stated, “RHCO recognizes the enormous need for post-COVID travelers to have cost-effective options. As the world opens back up to travelers, Oke Travel Club will be an essential membership for everyone’s travel arrangements. We strongly believe more people would want to use OkeApp because of Oke Travel Club. As we expect travel activities are getting back to normal worldwide, Oke Travel Club will instantly add extra values to OkeApp, and generates substantial profit to our business.”

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