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6 May 2024

Readen Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: RHCO) Announces Appointment of New COO and Director of Fintech


READEN HOLDING CORPORATION (OTC PINK: RHCO), a leading Venture Capital Corporation in the Fintech, Online Payment, and E-commerce industries, today announces the appointment of two new members to its esteemed management team. Ridzky Berg assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer, while Ilker Torlak takes on the position of Director of Fintech, effective immediately.

Ridzky Berg - Chief Operating Officer

Ridzky Berg is a dynamic professional with a Bachelor's degree in Aviation, graduating in 2017 from Hogeschool van Amsterdam. His passion for IT technology in aviation led him to pursue a career in the aviation industry, where he honed his skills and expertise in the field. Upon graduation, Ridzky seamlessly transitioned into the Fintech sphere, where he demonstrated remarkable adaptability and acumen in navigating the fast-paced digital landscape. His experience in aviation instilled in him a disciplined approach to operations and a keen eye for detail, qualities that have proven invaluable in his career.

Throughout his professional journey, Ridzky has encountered and overcome various challenges, including those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. His resilience, coupled with a strong work ethic, has consistently propelled him forward, earning him recognition as a reliable and results-driven leader. As Chief Operating Officer at RHCO, Ridzky Berg is poised to leverage his diverse skill set and industry knowledge to drive operational excellence and contribute significantly to the company's growth and success.

Ilker Torlak - Director of Fintech

Ilker Torlak is a graduate in Management Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology, where he honed his skills in database management, systems analysis, and software development. His academic journey was marked by a strong entrepreneurial flair and a passion for merging technology with business strategies.

Throughout his career, Ilker has excelled in identifying opportunities and implementing innovative solutions in the Fintech sector. His expertise extends beyond technical domains, encompassing leadership, team management, and strategic decision-making. Ilker's professional journey includes notable contributions to Fintech companies, where he played a pivotal role in driving growth and operational efficiency. His ability to bridge technical complexities with business objectives has earned him recognition as a forward-thinking and impactful leader.

As Director of Fintech at Readen Holding Corporation, Ilker Torlak is committed to leveraging his expertise to spearhead innovative initiatives, enhance digital capabilities, and contribute to RHCO's vision of revolutionizing the Fintech landscape.

Harry Westbroek, CEO of RHCO stated, "We are thrilled to welcome Ridzky Berg as our new Chief Operating Officer and Ilker Torlak as our Director of Fintech. These appointments mark a strategic move for RHCO, aligning with its vision of innovation and growth in the Fintech, Online Payment, and E-commerce sectors. Ridzky Berg and Ilker Torlak bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to the company, poised to drive success and create meaningful impact in their respective roles.

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