Wagyu Genetics

Altembrouck build its name in the Wagyu breeding industry as of 1996, known for breeding exclusively purebred authentic black wagyu to ensure the produced meat would truly deserve its name. only a small number of purebred wagyu exist outside of Japan.


To ensure the USP of having purebred wagyu Absolute healthy high ranked pedigree bulls sire our calves. The bulls, that fathered our imported embryos, are Hirashige-Tayasu, Itomoritaka, and Kitateruyasu-doi. They are all three Japanese born and bred and registered by the Zenwa (the Japanese Wagyu Register Office) as “Hongen,” which is the highest possible rank

As of 2013 Altembrouck is part of Readen Holding Corp, with the herd growing from single cows in 1996 to a full herd of 450 purebred Wagyu cows in 2013 Altembrouck was well positioned to start delivering not only meat but also Wagyu genetics worldwide.

Altembrouck has combined experience with the newest techniques available in bovine reproduction and selection. Due to strict veterinary regulations it is impossible to import wagyu cattle into Europe. A solution to this was found in embryo transplantation. After a small number of cows where kept in quarantine for a year we were successful in extracting the first embryos which met the strict European health requirements, and there for were able to clear the Dutch customs.  


Altembrouck has a European Union Certified embryo production team (NL126), with laboratory facilities approved for production and processing of bovine embryos cooperates exclusively  with Altembrouck  Wagyu. Altembrouck can store produced embryos in our certified embryo storage and ship  valuable embryos to destinations worldwide on demand. We also can import embryos from abroad and facilitate storage, or transfer on demand in our own recipient herd.