Okey Media

Oke Media  has grown from a need in the recruitment industry, the technology being coded, build and perfectioned in the course of over 2 years is propietary of Oke Media  and is unique in the market.
Being able to target very specific target audience is key in the recruitment industry the technology of Oke Media is build to do exactly that, pin point target audience accuracy. 
And a specialist in online marketing more and more specialised in the mobile Gaming industrie 
Hitting media is using the knowledge and technology created in the recruitment industry now for the retail industry. this will enable the users of the tech with the launcing partner being Neckermann to bring theire product offering immediatly to the right target audience, this will minimize waist and will increase the effectiveness of the marketing budget spend.
Hitting media is already working for large corporate customers to fullfill there needs. large customers include Shell, MacDonalds, Dutch army, and many more. Hitting media has shown to be usefull and highly succesfull in raising attention, and create good conversion.