Altembrouck This Company has been SOLD 2019

 The first written proof of Estate Altembrouck have been dated back to the early 1300’s up until 1878 the estate has been owned and used by the dignitary of Holland. As of 1878 de Behault family takes residence in the Altembrouck estate, the last Behault dies in 1898 with his dead also the permanent residence of Altembrouck stops. The estate is than used as summer retreat for de Behault family.

In 1994 the Altembrouck estate is sold to a Dutch family which will use the estate again as residence.
with the total renovation of the Altembrouck Estate starting in 2002 untill 2010 the estate was prepared to be used as Hotel and restaurant. The entire estate has been renovated with materials from the surroundings itself.

A first plan was drafted to breed the exclusive wagyu cow on the meadows surrounding the Altembrouck estate

Readen Holding Corp acquired the estate in 2012, and improved the Hotel and restaurant, and implemented a new strategy to extend the wagyu herd.


This wagyu herd is one of the most exclusive herd in Europe, with DNA testing we have determined that all our cows are at least 99,99% pure wagyu bred for at least 5 generations back. This exclusive herd will be used for a small part for meat, and mostly for the unique DNA. This DNA is being distributed worldwide to enhance the quality of meat of other herds. Or to establish new pure bred wagyu herds.  


The Hotel was extended with additional rooms, a new hunting bar, a golf café and first steps are taken to rebuild the gate keepers house to be used as retreat for families.
Finally, in 2019 the Hotel was sold in order to focus more on the retail business.