Neckermann Retail platform License

 Neckermann was founded in Germany in the 1950’s by Josef Neckermann, and quickly grew to one of the biggest post order companies in Germany and Europe. Sending a catalogue with over 300 pages to over 3 million households in Germany the turnover of Neckermann was over 300 Million Deutsche Mark in 1954.

With the growing economy in Europe and the introduction of one of the first computers to Neckermann its logistic departments the Neckermann group reached a turnover of over 1 Billion Deutche Mark in 1965.

In 1967 Neckermann started in The Netherlands with the takeover of a Dutch textile company, also this year the first catalogue was send to 175.000 Dutch households, In 1979 Neckermann opened its Belgium activities.


Neckermann quickly extended its products and service offering, with over 700.000 products, travel services, insurances and credit facilities. The credit facilities is what made Neckermann even more loved by the mid and low end incomes, with the slogan “Neckermann macht’s moglich” translated to “Neckermann makes it happen” Neckermann offered goods with credit facility to the masses.

In 1999 Neckermann fused with Arcandor and together with Quelle became the biggest retailer in Europe with a combined turnover of more than €5.5 billion.

After missing the change from physical retail and post order retailer to internet Quelle needed a cash injection and found a partner in Sun capital, they took a stake in Quelle in 2007. In 2010 Suncapital bought 100% of Neckermann and introduced an ambitious turnaround plan to change Neckermann to a pure online retailer. In 2012 with a turnover of €1.2 billion Sun capital failed in their turnaround and they filed for bankruptcy of Neckermann.  

Otto Gmbh bought the intellectual property right of Neckermann while the Dutch and Belgium operations of Neckermann where sold to a Dutch VC firm. Neckermann Netherlands was at the time still good for over 100 million in turnover and active in sales of good, insurances and credit facilities.


In 2016 Readen Holding corp took over majority in the Dutch and Belgium operations of Neckermann and implemented a new strategy in order to rebuild one of the most well know retail brands in Europe. With a new website tailored to the needs of the new strategy Readen Holding corp will bring back the old USP of Neckermann, bringing deals to the masses.