RHCO subsidiary Nedfiber B.V. announces the further expansion of their fiber optics network througho

 Nedfiber B.V. a 51%  RHCO subsidiary is a specialized provider of dark fiber connections and Ethernet services. the fiber-optic network extends throughout the Netherlands and beyond and is continuously being expanded. More than 25% of the Internet traffic for industrial areas and businessparks in the Netherlands will be transported by Nedfiber’s network in the next 36 months.

Nedfiber B.V. is currently constructing  glass fiber to industrial zones in Steenbergen, Bodegraven and Wijchen and twenty industrial parks are in first phase of development. To add these zones and new projects Nedfiber B.V. recently signed a contract with Relined a Prorail subsidiary and part of Dutch railways (NS) to use the glass fiber connection alongside the railway.

Nedfiber B.V. is active in the construction and operation of FTTO networks in-house and rents these active infrastructure to all network service providers as KPN, Vodafone and UPC. The independent network enables Nedfiber  to offer end users the freedom to choose for any service provider.

The delivery of special projects in WIFI will be facilitated by Rainn B.V. a 51% owned subsidiary of Readen Holding Corp. Up-ip B.V. a 37% subsidiary of RHCO will deliver internet products to the end user (voip, iptv,internet.).  By combining the current activities, the RHCO group will be a “one stop shop” for clients. From the physical mobile phone to the high-speed glass fiber network, the entire array of services will all be available through the RHCO Group and its subsidiaries.

Where Readen Holden Corp. was previously completely dependent on distribution channels for offering mobile products Nedfiber will expand business possibilities. This participation provides Readen Holding Corp. independence and the ability to distinguish itself from the current offerings in the market both in quality and price in fiber infrastructure and broadband services.

With the deployment of optical fiber in industrial sites one gets access to a safe, fast and future-proof digital infrastructure with national coverage and 100%  accessibility.

Nedfiber B.V. is moving towards its goal to become one of the three major glass fiber facilitators in the Benelux.                                                                                     


Readen Group’s mission statement is to be a valuable partner for customers in terms of technical flexibility, quality and competitive pricing through the complete value chain (SIM cards, mobile phones and applications).

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