READEN HOLDING CORP. (PINKSHEETS:RHCO) starts artificial insemination and embryo program for Wagyu

 READEN HOLDING CORP. (PINKSHEETS:RHCO) announced that Altembrouck Agri BVBA, a 100% subsidiary of Readen Holding Corp. starts artificial insemination and embryo program for Wagyu Kobe livestock.

After  the recent take over of all cattle of two well known Dutch Wagyu farms Altembrouck Agri BVBA announces to start artificial insemination in collaboration with Hurkmans ET using the best genetic Wagyu material outside of Japan(

Hurkmans ET B.V. is a European Union Certified embryo production team (NL126), with laboratory facilities approved for production and processing of bovine embryos.

New techniques provided at Hurkmans ET Donor station are OPU (ovum pick up) and IVP (in vitro production). Hurkmans offers housing facilities for donor cows and heifers, and clients have access to recipients at their recipient herds located near their donor and laboratory facilities.

Altembrouck will build in the first year own Wagyu herds in Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium using 650 surrogate mother cows. Orders from abroad for third party clients have been confirmed and a minimum of 1800 embryos and 1700 semen doses will be delivered in the first six months of operation.

The artificial insemination and embryo program allows Altembrouck Agri to calve year round instead of being dependent on the calving season. Embryo transfer secures high standards of herd genetics by pairing the best donor and bull. This is achieved without any genetic modification.

Altembrouck Agri BVBA has developed a business to consumer website;www.altembrouckwagyu.comto accommodate the growing demand through direct sales. Worldwide demand for gourmet, naturally raised beef is at an all-time high and still growing rapidly.

Under the Altembrouck® brandname only the very best meat (marbelling grade 9-12) will be offered

The Altembrouk Wagyu  embryo and semen stock list is also featured on Mr. Steve Bennett’ . Orders and shipping can be handled 7days a week

Altembrouck Agri BVBA has become one of the world’s leading exploitations of  livestock of Wagyu cattle including its breeding programs. The Altembrouck live stock is from the strongest available bloodlines. Altembrouck Agri BVBA has upgraded animal housing to house 1000 cattle to accommodate the expansion.

Altembrouck Agri BVBA will supply Wagyu Beef to more than 1200 restaurants in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands including Michelin star establishments.Altembrouck Wagyu estimates its share in this niche market at 30% of the total production of  Wagyu in Western Europe by the end of 2014.                                                    



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