READEN HOLDING CORP Acquires stake in Hitting Media BV


HENDERSON, NV (Feb 22, 2017) Readen Holding Corp (Pinksheet: RHCO) (The Company) Acquires a 30% stake in the Dutch online advertising company Hitting Media in exchange for 500.000 shares

READEN HOLDING CORP strengthen its portfolio of retail related companies with the Dutch based online advertisement company Hitting media BV. Hitting Media is specialized in Venue targeting and branding campaigns

Hitting Media has in the course of 2 years developed their own technology in the Real Time Bidding area. This technology is fully developed in house and Hitting Media is the only company reaching the pin point accuracy of targeting in the market. The technology was launched end 2016 and in these months Hitting media had several test cases for large corporations like recruitment campaigns for Dutch Defense and Dutch Police force, and branding campaigns for MacDonalds, Shell and several universities. This has resulted in a total turnover of €175.000 in 2016. Estimated is that in 2017 these test cases will develop in full campaigns resulting in a forecasted turnover of between €600.000 and €750.000

With its Venue targeting technology Hitting media is able to pin point potential customers and give them personalized advertisements in order to get a conversion much higher than competing technologies.

The Branding campaigns are of good use to introduce new brands, keep existing brands on top of mind and push deals to the masses. These campaigns are distributed using the low cost per mile tech of Hitting media

The technology of Hitting Media will be used by both Neckermann and D5Avenue in order to push our products for a low cost to our customers.

QUOTE Ronald Steenbergen CEO of the Company: “this acquisition is of strategic importance to our retail actives, by using the technology of Hitting Media we can push our deals much more effectively and on a much more cost effective base to our existing and new customers. We estimate that by using the venue targeting and branding campaigns of Hitting Media we will boost Neckermann and D5avenue sales with several millions”

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