READEN HOLDING CORP (PINKSHEET: RHCO) Takes majority stake in

HENDERSON, NV (Jan 27,2016) Readen Holding Corp (Pinksheet: RHCO) (The Company) announces the completion and closing of the acquisition of NECKERMANN.COM and will open 13 stores in 2 countries as announced in the filling on OTCmarkets January 26, 2016.

NECKERMANN started in 1930 in Germany and quickly grew to be one of the biggest mail order companies in Europe. Active as retailer, tour operator, insurance company and consumer credit facilitator the Neckermann group had a turnover of 1,29Billion euro in 2010. Neckermann was sold completely to Sun capital partners Inc. in 2010

In 2012 Neckermann needed to file for bankruptcy, the company was split and sold to multiple investors. Neckermann Benelux was bought by Axivate capital partners in 2013 and in 2015 was able te obtain the approval of the AFM (Dutch Authorities financial markets) again which gives the opportunity to sell on consumer credit again, This will significantly boost the sales of

Readen Holding Corp has taken a majority share in and will merge its current consumer retail activates ( with combining the 80% brand awareness of Neckermann with the strong sourcing capabilities of Readen Holding Corp into one company. Together with the acquisition of Neckermann 8 stores in the Netherlands and 5 stores in Belgium will be opened in February 2016

QUOTE: Kitty Koelemeijer, Professor Marketing and retail at the Neyenrode Business university “This is the future of retail, online shops with physical stores, some products ask to be seen, touched and experienced you can’t do that online. And in physical stores the connection with your customers is much bigger and a higher service level can be given”

QUOTE: Ronald Steenbergen, CEO Readen Holding Corp “the acquisition of and the opportunity to open 13 stores in 2 countries in February 2016 fits our focus and growth strategy. With a brand as we will be able to soon reach significant turnover and claim a position in the top 5 retailers in The Netherlands and Belgium within 2 years”


Readen Group’s mission statement: To be a valuable and reliable partner for customers, suppliers and investors in terms of quality, communications and service. Adding value for all the stakeholders is the main objective.

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