Altembrouck Hotel Management Passed on to Different Hotels Group

 READEN HOLDING CORP. (PINKSHEETS:RHCO) announced that Readen Real Estate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Readen Holding Corp. signed the management agreement for Altembrouck Hotel management, in Gravenvoeren, Belgium, to the Different Hotels Group.

The Altembrouck estate holds 63 acres of land and 60.000 Sq ft property Altembrouck operational company Altembrouck BVBA which includes the goodwill, furniture, interior and livestock (Wagyu cattle, Magalitza hogs and Korohitsu lambs).

The Altembrouck Hotel management is currently in the hands of the Different Hotels  Group.

Different Hotels is a Belgium hotel group comprising of 11 hotels in Belgium. The passionate, dynamic and hospitable team makes the difference in its sector, noticeable in the personal service and flexibility. Different Hotels stands for personal service, reliability, innovation, emotion and purity of experience.

The LRM group also participates in Different Hotels ( LRM Group is an investment group for the Limburg area in Belgium. LRM invests in companies and projects that generate economic activities in Limburg. This way, LRM contributes to a sustained conservation and growth of the job market in Limburg. Investment in innovative companies and knowledge infrastructure enhances the growth of knowledge and stops the ‘brain drain’. The Flemish Region is the majority shareholder.

An agreement has been signed for the purchase of the art work, the livestock and the interior of the Altembrouck estate.

Altembrouck Agri BVBA will do the exploitation of the livestock of Wagyu cattle, Magalitza hogs and Korohitsu Lambs breeding programs as they are currently in strong growing demand. The Altembrouck live stock is from the strongest available bloodlines. Altembrouck Agri BVBA has upgraded animal housing to house 250 cattle en 400 pigs.

As of August 1, 2014 Altembrouck Agri BVBA will supply Wagyu Beef to more than 600 restaurants in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Recently Altembrouck Agri BVBA has taken over the cattle stock of “De Drie Morgen”. The Wagyu of “De Drie Morgen” is genetically unique in Europe. The Wagyu bloodlines of Tajima, Kedaka, Fujiyoshi and Tajiri are secured and stronger embedded.

With this acquisition Altembrouck Agri BVBA holds a unique position in Europe.                                                   

Readen Group’s mission statement is to be a valuable partner for customers in terms of technical flexibility, quality and competitive pricing through the complete value chain (SIM cards, mobile phones and applications).

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