Neckermann Bouw

Neckermann Bouw

Neckermann Bouw is started in the aftermaths of the European financial crisis, with the current economy growing so are companies. Growing companies are always looking for good real estate to house there activities. In the recent years many changes have occurred in the European real estate markets. Much more is possible, change industrial buildings to commercial housing, or upgrade existing industrial areas with the help of local governmental subsidies. With this in mind Readen Holding Corp has started Neckermann Bouw.


Neckermann Bouw is aiming on these areas and these properties where we can add value by upgrading or changing the existing use of the real estate. These areas can be found through our Europe, first aim of Neckermann Bouw is in the Netherlands with an aim on the larger cities to convert real estate to commercial housing.  


With the current team who has years of experience in large real estate development projects Readen Holding Corp is determined to use this expertise to increase its footprint in the European real estate market.