Corporate finance

Readen Holding Corp its team is dedicated to provide trusted strategic and financing solution to companies in a range of industries. Whereas some organization who operate in this segment of the market simply raise capital for clients, we consider the client part of our team, and there company as part of our portfolio.

We will work with clients and companies where we know our expertise and network can be a value added contributor to their business case, or where we see synergies with our existing investments.

We seek financing and other solutions for companies in a range of industries in the United States, Middle East, Asia and Europe.  solutions range from, financing, incorporation services, growth strategies, merger and acquisitions,  business succession, public offerings/reverse merges and others.

The necessity of having the right counter party for you corporate questions is fully understood by the team of Readen Holding Corp.  our advisors have a proven track record in the field, and have supported several small and medium sized companies.