Black Friday has spread from its birthplace in the States to become a worldwide retail phenomenon. Viewed as the start of the holiday shopping season Black Friday is now the busiest shopping day of the year in the US, a trend that has continued to spread throughout the Global retail sector. Much of this growth is down to an increasing trend towards online shopping. American online retail stores have helped promote the event across the world to great success. The European retail catching on to Black Friday in recent years with many retailers showing an increase in sales from year to year. With this in mind, our flagship online retail store “” has dropped its prices in an attempt to capitalise in on this growing market trend with it’s first ever Black Friday sale.


Black Friday was a huge success for Neckermann, with the company recording double its average online daily revenue. Neckermann has been reporting a 20% average increase in revenue per month since the beginnings of this trading year and we look forward to sharing the details in our Q3 earnings report next week. 

Date: 24 November 2017
Author: Bart Lugard