Record breaking revenues
Large success with the retail activity  Readen Holding Corp is pleased to announce that the retail activity under the name has had a record revenue month. already showed double digit growth month after month but with the introduction of the very popular Neckermann city bike all revenue record for under the management of Readen Holding corp have been broken.

The city bikes had the destination to be used as rental bikes all over Europe but the company exploiting the rental business has stopped its activity in Europe. This gave the opportunity to acquire the city bikes for a very favourable price, realizing not only record breaking turnover but also healthy margins.

Besides the city bikes has introduced new product lines including the cheapest couches, and the best prices building materials. The constant introduction of new and best priced product lines will keep increasing the revenue of the retail activities of Readen Holding Corp.

Date: 18 September 2018
Author: Bart Lugard