Bred For Success
 RHCO is proud to announce that one of our Altembrouk Wagyu herd has made it into the final six of the "Wagyu Champion of the World 2017" competition. The competition takes place on the 7th December 2017 and we wish our team all the best in the final. 
To get this far in the competition is a real testament to the dedication and hard work from the team at Altembrouk. The 450 strong pure bred Wagyu herd is prized for it's flavour and texture worldwide and is a staple in high end restaurants throughout Europe. The team at  pride themselves on their care and attention in raising a happy healthy herd of cattle that wander the lush green grounds of the luxury Estate. Being nominated for such an illustrious prize will help further our plans for expansion of both the herd and the sale of its genetic material worldwide. 
Date: 10 November 2017
Author: Bart Lugard