27 May 2019 | By : Bart Lugard | Weekly Updates,
READEN HOLDING CORP. (RHCO.PK) APPOINTS NEW CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Readen Holding Corp (RHCO) today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Kok Wai Lee as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Mr. Kok Wai Lee previously held the position of Board member of Readen Investment Limited in Hong Kong.   Mr. Kok Wai
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18 September 2018 | By : Bart Lugard | Weekly Updates,
Large success with the retail activity  Readen Holding Corp is pleased to announce that the retail activity under the name has had a record revenue month. already showed double digit growth month after month but with the introduction of the very popular Neckermann city bike all revenue record for under the management of Readen Holdi
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07 December 2017 | By : Bart Lugard | Weekly Updates,
At this time, we are still gleaning more information regarding recent events reported in the media. We will be releasing an official statement in the following days as soon as we have a clearer picture as to the situation. We would like to assure our investors that the company’s operations continue as per usual over the Christmas period and that our sales continue to thrive.  
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24 November 2017 | By : Bart Lugard | Weekly Updates,
Black Friday has spread from its birthplace in the States to become a worldwide retail phenomenon. Viewed as the start of the holiday shopping season Black Friday is now the busiest shopping day of the year in the US, a trend that has continued to spread throughout the Global retail sector. Much of this growth is down to an increasing trend towards online shopping. American online retail stores h
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17 November 2017 | By : Bart Lugard | Weekly Updates,
Readen Holding Corp as a modern and ambitious company is always looking for new avenues for growth. The private lease market has been developing rapidly in the Netherlands in recent years. In 2015 over 7000 private lease contracts were signed throughout the country. Conservative estimates suggest this could surge to over 100,000 in 2020.  With this in mind, we have begun the process to enter
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